Posted by: jjiral | January 6, 2014

We’re Cooking: Vietnamese Style Lettuce Wraps with Tofu, Fresh Herbs and Nam Jim Sauce

French wine and Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps. I think a little wine tasting group and fresh, tasty veggies are in my future.

Red Wine with Breakfast


There is a local Vietnamese spot in our neighborhood that Gary and I find ourselves at almost every week called Mot Hai Ba…incredibly fresh, delicious and healthy, especially perfect paired with one of their wines from the all French list.  Loving all their fresh flavors I wanted to make a little Thai/Vietnamese style dinner inspired by the large lettuce leaves and tons of fresh herbs they serve with dishes, like their incredible sizzling cake with shrimp, a light, pan fried crepe-like cake filled with bean sprouts and lots of shrimp and served with a Thai-style chile sauce and a Nam Jim style sauce.  I wasn’t ready to attempt the crepe, instead I simply marinated firm tofu (we like tofu, you could also use the marinade on shrimp, chicken, fish or even beef) in a spicy sauce and grilled it, created my own Nam Jim sauce and served it with a…

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