Posted by: jjiral | February 2, 2014

The DAWS February Challenge

You could even combine this with the plank and get a great core and upper body workout – anyone can do.

Do Away with SMA

A lot of runners unintentionally neglect their upper bodies to focus more on different types of runs or other cardiovascular cross training such as swimming and biking. However, upper body strength is important for any runner looking to improve their running form or just make running easier. Yes, upper body strength can make running a bit easier!  Here are some of the benefits of a strong upper body on a runner.

  • Respiratory Efficiency – During exercise, your muscles have an increased need for oxygen, increasing the strength required by your respiratory system. With regular exercise, your “heart and lung muscles” become stronger and more efficient, making it easier to deliver oxygen to your muscles.
  • Core Stability – Remember Planksgiving? We are building on the improvements you made to your core strength with a more dynamic exercise this month!
  • Running Economy – Running economy is a measure of how efficiently a…

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