Posted by: jjiral | March 11, 2014


So critical for back health – and it reduces those stress knots in the shoulders also because of the stretching – at least it does for me.



She’s gettin’ low…

And gettin’ lower…

Back flexibility is so critical for core strength and injury prevention.  Two of my fellow trainers (Lamaine & Jai) use the backbend for their calisthentic flexibility, and I have loved adding it to my own routine and client’s training.  Start working on two things: the wall backbend & the floor bridge.   Follow a simple progression here:  DO A BACKBEND.  I personally recommend using the wall back bend before the bridge because you can start very, very lightly.  Place the right hand, and then the left hand…release the right hand….place the right hand…release the left hand…place the left hand…release the right hand….etc. 🙂

Stay flexy!  -Melissa

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