Posted by: jjiral | June 16, 2014


I agree…you can use cucumber circles and celery sticks instead of crackers. Use picante sauce, ranch dressing or other favorite salad dressing for dips.


Summer is a great time for dips and finger foods.  The next time you are taking food to the party, try some of these new & more nutritious items instead of chips and dip!20140523_202857Make your own “Nutella” with Natural peanut butter, and a few Dove dark chocolate melted together.  Dip in bananas, berries, or the new Cinnamon Crisp triscuits!20140518_130921Wheat Thins Reduced Fat Crackers have 3 gm of fiber, but the Fiber Selects have 5 gm!  Pair with Laughing Cow cheese wedges for a fun twist on 200 calories!20140518_152241Coffee Almonds are a delicious, and not-too-sweet treat mid-day.  Get a pick me up and feel good about it!20140523_203903Oikos Dips are an easy way to make carrot chips shine…Try all the flavors!  Great with radish or cucumber chips, too.  Some folks use the cucumber dill flavor as salad dressing as well!
20140422_09563020140422_205331Try some salsa & Tortilla Chips from World…

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