Posted by: jjiral | June 16, 2014

It’s time to take Control

Last year I lost 80 pounds.  This year I’ve gained most of it back and that makes me angry.  I am tired of looking this way when I know how much better I can be.  It’s time to take control of myself, my waistline and my life!

I started research into a number of the diets and diet programs out there.  I wanted a diet that would be flexible, quick and would (for the most part) allow regular food – from the grocery store and from restaurants.  I didn’t want to have to buy lots of ‘diet products’, count calories, order food online or starve myself.  And most of all I wanted a Lifestyle Change that I could ‘LIVE WITH’, not dread every day till I could get off it.  I knew that was the only way to prevent being right back here next year.

In my research and from diets that have worked for me in the past, that what works for me is low carb.   So, I started reading about Atkins.  I combined what I learned from Dr. Atkins research and what I’ve learned from Nuskin’s new weight management program.   I will be following a low carb, protein and vegetable rich diet that’s healthy and nutritious.

I began last week while providing paralegal assistance for my husband in trial.  (he’s a trial lawyer).  I did not clear my pantry of ‘temptation’ nor did I go shopping to make sure I had the ‘right’ foods in the house.  I didn’t do any of the things you’re supposed to do before starting a new diet.  But one thing was right – and that is my will.  I was in the right frame of mind to start – so I did!

Follow me on my journey.   I am so excited.


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