Posted by: jjiral | June 17, 2014

On the Right Path Now

In Week 1, I experienced very rapid weight loss – and yes I know most of that was water weight.  But the total was 11 pounds lost, so I am very excited, encouraged and more energetic.  I am using the Atkins tools on to track my food intake and following Phase I Induction, with the addition of Nuskin’s AgeLoc TR90 weightloss program including Trimshake and Greenshake (gluten free version).  The key to both of these programs is low carb, low sugar, vegetable rich and lean protein diets with enough good quality fat to aid digestion and boost metabolism.  During the first week, I focused on no carb, no sugar – with whatever I had that would provide protein and vegetables.  Breakfast was scrambled eggs and tomatoes, lunch was either ‘Element Bars‘ or Atkins Bars and dinner was ‘Delivery’ (not the easiest way to design an eating plan, I know).  But, I was careful and it worked.  (tells you how bad my diet was before, right?).

In addition to the weight loss, I found my cravings for sugar and starch basically gone!  I actually attended a wedding reception on Sunday and realized that I had no desire for the cake (and I love wedding cake) or cookies, etc. offered – or even the adult beverages.  Yes, there was a little temptation for the bubbly, but I settled for club soda (thank goodness, they offered that option).  You see, diabetes runs on both sides of my family tree and I know I have to be careful.  I am probably pre-diabetes, making this Lifestyle Change critical to my health.

I’ve lost a total of 12.6 pounds since beginning this journey.  I’m already feeling an increase in energy – and not feeling I have to take a nap mid-day like before.  I’m going to continue restricting all starches for several more weeks.  And I’m also trying to eliminate all sugar.  But, (as some of you have already discovered) so many food products have sugar or added carbohydrates and fat in them (like salad dressings, seasonings and canned foods).  I made some homemade Creamy Italian salad dressing following a recipe from the Atkins cookbook – and it was delicious.  Transitioning from the ‘Lite’ and ‘Fat Free’ versions of foods is a true ‘Lifestyle Change’ but besides being more flavorful – it will make it easier to eat in restaurants since ‘portion control’ on sauces and dressings will become ingrained.  I’m really looking forward to this transition.


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