Posted by: jjiral | June 19, 2014

Learning and Losing

I am feeling so much better.  11 days and almost 14 pounds lighter – any of you who have lived the yo-yo diet lifestyle like I have up to this point in my life understand how good this feels. I am determined and optimistic though that this time I will be able to incorporate what I’m learning into a Lifestyle Change. I know it’s not going to be easy but at my age it’s really important I get this right once and for all.

Those that know me personally already know – but for the rest of you let’s just say that I am over 55 and with the predisposition for diabetes in my family it’s critical that I change my poor eating habits to prolong my life. You see, I met my husband less than 10 years ago and we want a LONG life together. And to increase the likelihood of that, we both have to take very good care of our health. And Brad will eat whatever I make for him – so I also (for the most part) have control over his diet/health too.

Loosing weight quickly is important to keep ME motivated (I know me and I have to have visible results for me to stick with a diet}. Another critical component of this diet (this time around) was to be able to eat many of the foods I enjoy (foods like cheese, meat, avocado, olives and an occasional ‘adult beverage’). I didn’t want to feel so deprived while loosing weight that as soon as I got back into some of my favorite clothes I resorted back to my old eating habits. In other words, I NEEDED a diet I could live with. I’m really feeling good about this diet so far.

What do I miss? I admit, I do miss the chips and pizza. So that means I need to realize that I need to move out of Phase I Induction sooner than I had hoped. I was hoping to stay in Phase 1 for several months – but I know now that wasn’t realistic. What’s Phase 1 Induction mean? Phase 1 eliminates all starchy vegetables and foods (no bread, chips, crackers, potatoes, rice, etc) and all sugars (fruit, sugar, honey) and ‘soft’ milk products (yogurt, etc). Now, I am lactose intolerant but I love yogurt. I also love chips (that I have to mostly give up). I did buy a bag of barbeque pork rinds – but I can only eat 2 or 3 chips at a time before I get tired of their taste (unlike chips – anyone ever eat a whole bag?). I can also substitute spaghetti squash or julienne veggies for pasta, but I can’t give up potatoes and rice forever. And I can substitute Atkins tortillas, etc and make an Atkins pizza – but I do know that pizza will be my nemesis. And I know that soon I will need a vodka/soda or a glass of wine. So, after my week in Florida enjoying the sun and sand (the end of June Brad and I are going to vacation near Ft. Lauderdale)….wait who am I kidding, I know I’ll slip up a few times during vacation. But that’s okay. I’ll do my best, then get back on track immediately. But I want to loose as much as possible before vacation so the swimsuit looks better – and thus I’ll enjoy myself more. But early July, I will transition to Phase 2 and learn to incorporate a few starches into the diet….while still maximizing weight loss. This will be difficult for me. (please say a little prayer for me)

I’ll give you an update on my basic menu plan tomorrow so you can follow along. But I encourage you to read about the Atkins Lifestyle and the Nuskin TR90 plan – because I am combining the 2 and creating a Life Plan that I am confident will work for me long term. If you want to learn about the supporting research and clinical trials that support these weight management lifestyles, you can find lots of info online.

Until tomorrow…..


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