Posted by: jjiral | June 25, 2014

crab & avocado zoodles

This sounds so delicious and easy! I’d like to also try it with shrimp or flaked fish – or even scallops. I tried spaghetti squash for the first time this year and LOVE it so just purchased a ‘spiral veggie slicer’. Can’t wait to try it – and now I have an easy recipe to use. Thanks!


crab & avocado zoodles | my skinny sweet tooth

If you haven’t been making noodles out of veggies by now, well then, you’re completely missing out. This recipe came about as most of mine do: cleaning out the fridge! That’s where creativity shines and recipes like this are born.

Crunchy zoodles, creamy avocado, and that crab flavor makes a great side dish or a main meal. Only 3 main ingredients. That’s it! I love when it works out that way 😉 This dish is so fresh and light that it’s perfect for these summer months.

Quick blog post for a quick and easy meal.

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