Posted by: jjiral | June 26, 2014

Benefits of Low Carb

For me there is an amazing benefit that comes from not eating bread, potatoes or rice. My food cravings have evaporated! I can even watch commercials featuring burgers, ice cream, even fresh baked bread (I admit that I can’t smell that bread on the TV) without salivating. And I am ashamed to admit that when I was eating those starches, I craved them as well as fried foods and desserts. I had to consciously ignore those cravings which resulted in feelings of deprivation when making healthy food choices. Now I’m not even tempted – at least by the TV.

What does this mean? Well, based on my reading I’ve learned that I must have a simple carbohydrate intolerance, a food allergy or an insulin sensitivity. It may mean that (at least when not ‘dieting’) I have abused my pancreas to such a level that the pancreas has become hypersensitive to blood sugar. By responding to just a touch of blood sugar (when I ate simple or refined carbohydrates), my pancreas released a flood of insulin. This made my body respond by aggressively storing fat and creating almost a dependency on eating more carbs. And of course this blocks weight loss.

So, for me bottom line is that I’ve proved what I suspected. For my metabolism, in order to loose weight the most important food group for me to eliminate is simple carbohydrates (starches). Of course, that’s why I decided to try Atkins in the first place. I do admit that the low-fat mindset has been somewhat difficult to overcome. But the increased flavor of all the foods I’m eating makes this new eating plan extremely enjoyable. I don’t feel deprived at all.  And I look forward to sharing more weight loss success stories as I proceed along my journey to my goal weight.


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