Posted by: jjiral | June 30, 2014

Beach Vacation – Here we Come!

My husband Brad and I are headed to Ft. Lauderdale today. We both love the beach – I love the sun, sand and surf. Brad loves the sand and surf – but he only worships the sun from under an umbrella. Most would say he’s the smart one – but the fact is he can sunburn under an umbrella, wearing long sleeves and SPF30 sunscreen. And me, if I wear SPF30 sunscreen, I don’t get any sun at all. But I will burn if I’m not careful. So, I try to be careful.

The important thing to note is that I am very excited about going to the beach. With the weight loss now reaching almost 20 pounds, I am so much happier about putting on the swimsuit….well, as happy as any woman is carrying a ‘few extra pounds’ can be about being seen in a swimsuit anyway.

The weather in Florida shows chances of rain and thunderstorms all week – but I’m sure there’ll be enough opportunity to play in the waves and soak up plenty of sun between rain showers. I would be excited regardless of the weight loss – but the extra confidence is very, very welcome.

The challenge will be – following my new eating plan while on vacation. The day started out with breakfast – I made an omelet with leftover spinach and some grated cheddar cheese. (Brad was thrilled to get the omelet plus leftover sausage and toast). I don’t usually have the diligence to make breakfast on travel days (flight was at 11:00 a.m.) but I knew that would help ward off temptations. As with any ‘diet’ it’s important to never go more than 6 hours without eating – unless you’re asleep that is.

So, now we’re on the plane, and of course here comes the peanuts and pretzels. I’ll just save them for Brad’s snacks because I brought my own snacks. I planned ahead and threw a couple snack bars and a meal bar in my carry on. I’m patting myself on the back and treating myself to a diet coke…along with my bottled water.

I plan to eat lots of seafood and salads this week. And our room has a small kitchen, so I plan a quick stop at the grocery store for eggs, etc. But I did bring a box of Atkins meal bars to make it easier when rushed. I expect to be tempted by key lime pie though (that’s my all-time favorite dessert). And I have decided that even though it will slow down the weight loss, I’m not going to deprive myself of a bite. Brad will have to eat the rest (big sacrifice, he loves it too).

But away I go to vacation land – armed with the tools necessary to stay on course.


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