Posted by: jjiral | July 2, 2014

Andrew is Here, but only when Stretching

We wake today to gorgeous sunshine streaming through the curtains.  The news says Arthur is headed north and Ft. Lauderdale area will experience hit and miss showers and thunderstorms – a fact supported by a distant rumbling of thunder.  The last couple days have had the same forecast but the mornings did not feature this bright a sky.  So, we’re both quickly catching up on overnight business correspondence and getting today’s work out of the way as soon as possible.  We are determined to get every possible ray of sunshine and as much beach time as possible while we’re on the east coast of Florida.

JJTABLET - WIN_20140702_082056

The view from our room is pretty – a view of the golf course at Bonaventure Vacation Village, but we would both rather be close to the beach.  But we got a ‘deal we could not refuse’, so here we are enjoying the lush greens of southeast Florida.  And of course, we watched the World Cup yesterday and shared the disappointment of the US loss.  (There were some Belgium fans at the bar who were so happy!  They were very good sports though.  It was a good, hard fought game.)

Yes, I am following my eating plan and sat in a sports bar for the whole game.  I drank at least 4 glasses of club soda with Florida limes and enjoyed a large plate of chicken fajitas and vegetables (peppers, onions and summer squash cooked al dente), served with sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole and grated cheese – all of which comply with the low carb Atkins style diet.  I gave my tortillas to Brad and slapped his hand when he tried to share my guac and sour cream.  (He’s accustomed to my low calorie diets where he gets to take my cheese, sour cream, guacamole….all the good stuff).  It’s so much easier to continue on the weight loss journey of mine when you can enjoy these foods that I consider treats.

I will admit that it is harder to eat out when dieting, and most menus are chock full of potatoes, rice, or bread.  But I have been able to either select an item with veggies instead or substitute them in almost all cases – which is much easier than making sure there is not fat or oil used in preparation….and much tastier too.

And this morning when I looked at my profile in the mirror (there’s no scale in the room) I see a more defined waist line and a flatter (less poochy) stomach – which made me smile.  And I will smile again when I put on today’s swim suit choice.  So, as I’ve said before – weight loss is the motivation I need to ‘stay the course’ and I am experiencing that in a big way.




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