Posted by: jjiral | July 5, 2014

Vacation Blues

Today is the last day of our glorious Florida Vacation – actually it’s really the travel day. Checkout is 10:00 a.m. (can you believe that?) and our flight is at 5:30 p.m. (not great planning on my part). But we’ve been wanting to check out the Rustic Inn Crab House – and will do that for lunch today…kind of like a last meal before heading back to reality.

I didn’t tell you yesterday – but my Dad’s birthday is July 4th. So, even though I called him to wish him a Happy Day, he was a little put out with me for not visiting (even though I spent the night with them a few days before we left on vacation – for an early birthday celebration. But that’s what parents do.

I’ve managed to stay on my eating plan for the whole vacation – until last night. I really wanted a martini and a few bites of flatbread – and who can pass up a perfectly wonderful Key Lime pie? But overall, I am pleased. I can tell I’ve lost some inches. And believe me that is not my norm when I go on vacation!

So, today we head home tanned (well, I am tanned), thinner, rested and energized for reality. I should be happy because of the vacation’s success – not sad that it’s over. But I do know that once we’re home we will be very happy to be home. This little bit of sadness is only temporary (sort of like a kid when the treats are gone).

Hope you enjoyed the 4th and at least Thanked one veteran or active service person. Until later my friends!


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