Posted by: jjiral | July 8, 2014

Too Tempting Transition

Friends and Followers, I have to admit to you that I have fallen victim to my own lack of planning.  I got home from vacation (after flight delays) at midnight on July 5 (actually July 6).  The refrigerator was empty of salad fixings and the pantry was still stocked with tempting fare.  And worst of all was the fact that my husband (after a month of healthy meals) was really craving fried foods and Chinese food.  I am not blaming him; I am blaming my lack of planning.

I love Chinese  food, which I have not served since beginning my weight loss journey.  And since Brad’s favorite friend food delivery is fried catfish from the restaurant that serves some of the best baked potatoes I was not immune to temptation there either.  I succumbed to temptation!  Ugh!!!!

Then on Monday I found myself faced with a backlog of work tasks, laundry and a sluggish metabolism – the result of poor eating habits of the preceding day.  The result – day 2 of poor choices.

Ok, now what!  I am admitting my lapse, swallowing my guilt (instead of more starchy or sugar laced foods) and getting back on track today!  I am starting with scrambled eggs and working on my grocery list for the grocery store.

My promise to my is that I am back on track today.  I may have taken a wrong turn (and am now having to backtrack to the crossroads) but I have found the motivation map to restart today.   The journey continues!



  1. Go go go you can do it again! 😀

  2. Of course to stay back on track!

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