Posted by: jjiral | July 9, 2014

Back on Track – Thanks for the support

Wow!  I feel so much better and happier.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement.  It really helps!

I’m back on track – stuck to my low carb – no starch eating plan all day yesterday.  I admit I was a little hungry after a 2 day detour – and my digestion was off too (which is the result of filling my gut with starch that I haven’t eaten in over a month, well till last weekend).  I guess I was in withdrawal and didn’t feel very well.  Good thing I was really busy yesterday – keeping my mind off the queasy feeling.  You would think that this ‘withdrawal’ would be sufficient motivation to stay on track, but willpower sometimes gives in to temptations.  The key – ‘suck in up, admit the lapse and recommit to my new eating plan’.

Bottom line – as of this morning I did not gain any weight on vacation…even though it was followed by a 2 day detour.  So, while I have not lost any weight for more than a week I did not gain back any of those pounds that I worked so hard to loose.  Woohoo!  Small victories are huge!

So, thanks again for all those kind words of encouragement.  With your help, I will not fail!



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