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Stretching is probably even more important than the exercise itself.

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Why Stretch?

Stretching before and after training increase flexibility, which reducing soreness and the risk of injury, Increasing your flexibility gives you more stability making you more stable, solid and powerful. As well as increasing your balance, you are increasing your ability to kick higher with more power. Stretching also improves agility and co-ordination. In

Stretches are very important to perform before and after training sessions.

  • To prevent injury.
  • To increase functional ability, flexibility and joint mobility.
  • To reduced post exercise soreness.
  • To improve exercise performance.

When Stretching Taking Slow. Deep and controlled breaths will help you relax your muscles which will give you a better stretch.
Only stretch to the point of discomfort, not pain. When you feel pain your muscles will tighten up, reducing your flexibility. When you start to fell discomfort, not pain hold for a minim of 15 seconds or longer,

Stretching The Facts

  • Flexibility varies from…

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