Posted by: jjiral | July 14, 2014

Monday Morning Management?

Yes, I agree the planning should have been completed over the weekend so that I could mindlessly follow my menus for the week starting today (because I am not a friend of Mondays).  But I worked a consulting job all day Saturday and then on Sunday (after sleeping in a little) I needed to complete all the follow up deliverables.  So, I didn’t do anything for myself over the weekend (it happens sometimes when you’re self-employed). I lost another pound – after I lost the pound I gained while on my detour.  So the weight is coming off but not as fast as I’d like.  (But, I have lost 18.8 pounds since June 5 – not too bad.)  Consequently, I decided to follow some of Atkins suggested menus more closely because I’m thinking that my percentages of fats and proteins may be off a little – thus slowing down the process – even though I’m sticking to the 20-25 carbs max per day. As I’ve mentioned before, I have to loose weight consistently to stay motivated and stick to the eating plan.  And I have some big challenges to plan for this week: a Resident’s Council Happy Hour (followed by a restaurant meal); a Resident’s Council Committee meeting  (followed by another restaurant meal); and a wedding.  (in case I lost you, that’s 3 restaurant meals, 2 happy hours because we serve cocktails in our committee meeting also, and a wedding complete with that tempting wedding cake).  I can do this! Planning is so key:

  • Make sure you’re not hungry before you go to a ‘party’
  • Plan to drink something that looks good – like club soda with lime wedge (almost looks like vodka and soda)
  • Review restaurant menus before you arrive so you have an idea what to order (and don’t be afraid to make substitutions – like extra veggies for the potato)
  • Make sure you weigh yourself and wear something fitted when attending a wedding reception with appetizers and cake so you won’t be so tempted (save some extra carbs for cheese, shrimp and veggies)

Hope you have an easier week ahead of you that I do.  I’ve got my menus and shopping lists done.   Onward through the storm!!!


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