Posted by: jjiral | July 17, 2014

Sabotage is a Bummer

Has this ever happened to you?  Deliberately reading the menu to locate an entrée that will fit your weight loss plan only to realize when it arrives they forget to mention one tiny detail – the eggplant is battered and fried!  This is a huge pet peeve of mine and it happened to me last night.

Any time you diet, you are faced with temptations throughout the day.  And the busy days, when restaurant meals are the only option are obviously more difficult than self planned menus.  But when you  consciously plan your day, bringing appropriate snacks, pre-chopping and cooking your salad ingredients for lunch, maintaining your food diary to aid weight management, drinking club soda instead of mixed drinks or wine while watching everyone suck down those tasty drinks and patting yourself on the back for ignoring all those temptations, only to  be backhanded by an incomplete menu description actually makes me mad!

I selected a nice green salad with tomatoes and a sprinkling of goat cheese with the dressing on the side (a vinaigrette which I was sure was laden with honey or sugar – an obvious sabotage to my low sugar, low carb diet).  For my entrée I selected an eggplant and portabella mushroom dish, that mentioned a tomato puree and mozzarella cheese which fit my eating plan really closely (at least it wasn’t paired with rice or potatoes).  So, I felt pretty good about my choice.  I was so hungry – waiting till 8:30 pm for dinner is tough when you’re dieting but sometimes it can’t be avoided in a busy lifestyle.

When the entrée arrived it looked and smelled wonderful!  I cut into it and plopped a forkful into my mouth savoring the beautiful mixture of flavors….then I felt the ‘crunch’ in my mouth.  What?  Eggplant, mushrooms and tomatoes aren’t crunchy!

After more scrutiny I saw the thin layer of batter on the eggplant and realized it had been fried in batter no less!

Those of you familiar with Atkins eating plans know that starches (flour, cornstarch, etc) sabotage weight loss by changing your fat burning metabolism to a carbohydrate burning metabolism.  Atkins (like many accelerated weight management plans) focuses on low glycemic index food items.  By consuming limited amounts of sugars, carbs or starches, your body chooses to burn your fat stores for its primary fuel source vs the default fuel (carbs, sugar, starch and even your own muscles).  And it takes 2 days to clear those higher glycemic foods from your body to restart that fat burning machine again.  Diet sabotage in its cruelest form!

Can you guess what my brain did then  Yeah, that’s right.  The first thought in my head was – well, if I just blew my diet I might as well go all the way – have a glass of wine, steal a bite of my husband’s flatbread, maybe even have dessert.   Thankfully, that thought got shot down quickly!

I learned that menu descriptions aren’t always ‘full disclosure’ and I’ll have to be more careful in the future.  I should stick with a simply prepared chicken breast, grilled fish or rare steak – omit all those sides of rice or potatoes – and add a side of veggies.  It may be a little bit more boring than that eggplant, portabella mushroom dish but at least I won’t be busting my eating plan!

Good luck to all my friends and followers on your weight loss or healthy eating journeys!



  1. Well done for not “blowing it”!

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