Posted by: jjiral | July 23, 2014

Life was in control of my time

I know I’ve been out of touch with all of you for a few days.  I apologize for my absence but I was too tired to write.  (sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it)  You see, last week’s cooler weather here in Dallas gave me the incentive to do some work on our roof deck – which was in desperate need of attention.

I started by washing and scrubbing the deck (about 1200 square feet) and washing all the cushions.  Then I repaired the deck boards.  Then I applied deck wash to part of the deck and the hot tub cabinet and scrubbed them both down again.

While that dried, I painted the freestanding bar which was also in bad shape – so bad that I am repurposing it into a planting station.  Then I applied a coat of deck resurfacing product (the 10x thickness) to a sample section of the deck.  And I also painted the hot tub cabinet with a deck resurfacing product ( the 4x thickness). I am very happy with the color of the deck product chosen, but the color I chose for the hot tub is too light – but that’s okay I’ll use it for the base coat for the cabinets I buy for the outdoor kitchen.   (this will be a long term project)

While that dried, I planted some flowers and bamboo and painted a wooden flower box that I plan to plant with some flowers as well as vines.  (Did I forget to tell you that Dallas’ cooler weather only lasted 1 or 2 days after the rain stopped?  Temps for the last 2 days have been 98 degrees and remember I am working on a roof deck with only a small patch of shade)

My arms are sore from hours of painting – actually my right arm is sore because I can’t paint very much (or very well) with my left hand.  My gluteus maximus is sore and bruised because I’ve seen sitting and balancing on boards while painting.  (remember I am trying to loose weight so it has to support quite a bit)  But, the sun worshipper in me is happy because I am getting a nice tan!  (having to make sure I don’t end up with a farmer’s tan though)

The heat is draining me of energy, but I’m drinking gallons of water.  The problem is that when I take a break and drag myself down 2 flights of stairs I have no energy to make a salad – even though I have veggies chopped.  I’ve been throwing an Atkins frozen meal into the microwave and downing a bottle of Cold Water while I wait for it.  My husband even ate frozen dinners with me Saturday evening.  And I gave into our cravings for pizza on Sunday (that wasn’t on my eating plan, obviously.)

Other than the one day of pizza I’ve actually stayed very close to my new eating / weight loss plan.  But the large amount of water and the exertion has left me hungrier than usual.  So, it’s been more difficult not to stray by grabbing something easy (like a sandwich).  And when I quit for the day (after working at least 7 hours in the heat) I jump in the shower, throw on a Mexican house dress and crash into the recliner (with another jug of Cold Water).   The roof deck is starting to look so much better – and I’ve finally come up with the perfect design to incorporate more shade, a TV, a kitchen complete with grill, sink, fridge and icemaker, and some privacy – all on a shoestring budget.  I’m so excited!  But it will take some time to get this project done…one step at a time.

My husband has been a trouper – not complaining about whatever he gets served for supper – after working a long day at the office.  And I’ve managed to complete some consulting research and presentations in between all the roof work.  So, that’s my excuse for not writing in the blog.  But I am feeling guilty – so this morning I’m taking time to let you know where I am on my journey.

I haven’t weighed in a couple days – but I can tell that I’m loosing inches.  And I am much more flexible after stretching and straining, lifting plants and deck furniture, scrubbing floors and cushions and climbing up and down all those flights of stairs.  So, I guess I can honestly say that the exercise of the week is stair climbing….literally.  So overall I am doing well but not perfect.  But the big plus is that I am getting right back on plan despite a slipup – and not just quitting my journey.  And I’m sure that part of that success (and willpower) is because of you!  So, Thank you!

Here’s praying for some clouds!



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