Posted by: jjiral | September 2, 2014

High Essential Fat Salad Recipe

New study results released – if you want to loose weight and get healthy eat a low carb diet! So you can eat tasty diet enjoying avocados, olives, bacon and eggs and still lose weight. You just have to limit carbs and consequently sugars. It’s not necessarily easy but it’s totally worth it.

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High Essential Fat Salad

Organic mixed herbs or greens
1/4 organic avocado, sliced
1 artichoke heart (cut up)
5 pitted kalamata olives
5 organic grape tomatoes
1 teaspoon organic flax or hemp seeds, ground
1 tablespoon olive or flax seed oil
1 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar

1. Using above ingredients, prepare each salad serving on its own plate.
2. Place mixed herbs or greens on plate. Next, place artichoke and avocado on top of greens.
3. Place 5 kalamata olives and 5 tomatoes on top for presentation.
4. Sprinkle a teaspoon of flax or hemp seed on top and then add oil and vinegar.
5. Keep in mind that since this salad is high in good fat, it is quite filling. You may want make two portions of it.

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