Posted by: jjiral | September 2, 2014

Low Carb Diet the Winner!

Yes that’s right.  New study results released showing that a low carb diet (nly 30% carbs) resulted in a greater fat loss and lower bad cholesterol readings that those participants eating a low fat diet.  And that’s what I’ve been telling you – and what I’ve learned about my own  personal weight loss journey.  (nice to know I’m normal)  And nice to know that food with lots of flavor (avocados, olives, eggs, bacon and even cheese) really can be part of a healthy diet.  You still have to eat lots of vegetables (you need that fiber) and heart healthy fish (lean proteins) and watch the sugar intake.  But limiting the carbs results in quick and steady weight loss, a flatter tummy, reduced fluid retention (so it’s great for your heart) and lower bad cholesterol. 

So, get started revamping your diet today!


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