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Motivation Quote : Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is so true. Thanks for the motivation!

Prefer Healthy Style

“The only reason why people give up is because they focus on how far they have to go instead of how far they have come.”

Happy Healthy Life,


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This sounds sooo good. For us Atkins dieters, try substituting red wine vinegar for the sherry and Stevia for the honey. I love food that looks pretty.

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Monday Morning Management?

Yes, I agree the planning should have been completed over the weekend so that I could mindlessly follow my menus for the week starting today (because I am not a friend of Mondays).  But I worked a consulting job all day Saturday and then on Sunday (after sleeping in a little) I needed to complete all the follow up deliverables.  So, I didn’t do anything for myself over the weekend (it happens sometimes when you’re self-employed). I lost another pound – after I lost the pound I gained while on my detour.  So the weight is coming off but not as fast as I’d like.  (But, I have lost 18.8 pounds since June 5 – not too bad.)  Consequently, I decided to follow some of Atkins suggested menus more closely because I’m thinking that my percentages of fats and proteins may be off a little – thus slowing down the process – even though I’m sticking to the 20-25 carbs max per day. As I’ve mentioned before, I have to loose weight consistently to stay motivated and stick to the eating plan.  And I have some big challenges to plan for this week: a Resident’s Council Happy Hour (followed by a restaurant meal); a Resident’s Council Committee meeting  (followed by another restaurant meal); and a wedding.  (in case I lost you, that’s 3 restaurant meals, 2 happy hours because we serve cocktails in our committee meeting also, and a wedding complete with that tempting wedding cake).  I can do this! Planning is so key:

  • Make sure you’re not hungry before you go to a ‘party’
  • Plan to drink something that looks good – like club soda with lime wedge (almost looks like vodka and soda)
  • Review restaurant menus before you arrive so you have an idea what to order (and don’t be afraid to make substitutions – like extra veggies for the potato)
  • Make sure you weigh yourself and wear something fitted when attending a wedding reception with appetizers and cake so you won’t be so tempted (save some extra carbs for cheese, shrimp and veggies)

Hope you have an easier week ahead of you that I do.  I’ve got my menus and shopping lists done.   Onward through the storm!!!

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Planning is the Key to Successful Eating

You’ve heard the quotes, ” You are what you think you are’ or ‘The future depends on what we do in the present’ (Mahatma Gandhi).  Well, transforming your eating habits requires the same dedication and planning.  Yes, that is so true – and so simply common sense but NOT easy to do in our fast paced lifestyle.

Success starts with stocking your kitchen with healthy foods, seasonings and condiments.  But we don’t want to be wasteful, so menu planning is key to knowing what perishables to buy.   How many of you actually plan your menus for the week?

Well, I know I didn’t do that in the past (unhealthy lifestyle past, that is) but I do now…granted somewhat informally.   I know I need to get even better at doing this (a little more formal planning) because I NEED variety in my meals to be happy.  And, I have to confess I am getting a bit bored with my evening meals.  You see, I have learned that I eat because I love the taste of good food – not just sustenance.  That’s why I have to develop a new eating lifestyle to balance my love of food with a healthy weight.

So, today I decided that since I ‘planned for chicken’ tonight, I need a new recipe to add that variety I am craving.  So, here’s today’s recipe compliments of ‘Dr. Atkins’ Quick & Easy New Diet Cookbook!

Chicken with Lemon and Capers

2 T. Olive Oil

1 1/2 pounds chicken cutlets

2/3 c. white wine

2 T. fresh lemon juice

2 T. drained capers

2 t. lemon zest

3 T. chilled butter, cut into pieces

1.  Heat the oil in a large, heavy skillet over medium heat until hot but not smoking.  Add the chicken and cook, turning once, for 3-4 minutes on each side, or until browned.  Transfer the chicken to a plate and keep warm.

2.  Add the wine, lemon juice, capers and lemon zest to the skillet and bring to a boil, stirring and scraping up any browned bits from the bottom of the pan.  Simmer for 2 minutes.  Whisk in the butter, a piece at a time, and cook over low heat for 1 minute.  Return the chicken to the pan to heat through.

3.  Thansfer the chicken to a serving platter.  Pour the sauce over the chicken and serve immediately.

Yields:  4 servings; Per serving; carbs: 1.5 grams; Net carbs: 1 gram; fiber: 0.5 grams; Protein: 40 grams; Fat: 18 grams; Calories: 353; Phases: 1-4

I think (since I have frozen chopped kale), I will serve with a side of Kale with garlic with some halved cherry tomatoes for color, and a green salad.  Sounds good to me!




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This amazing drink could be adapted for Phase I of Atkins by substituting the honey with some no calorie natural sweetener, like Stevia – resulting in a very low carb ‘treat’!

Cheeses Crust

2014-07-02_23-11-44    You will need 

  • Hand full of fresh mint leaves
  • quarter lemon
  • 2 tablespoon softened honey
  • 2 glasses of ice cold water
  • quarter of a cucumber


  1. In a blender first put all the mint leaves,cucumber,lemon(whole with the peel) and honey and blend it well.
  2. Then add cold water and a pinch of salt and blend it till there is a nice layer of froth on top.
  3. Sieve it when pouring into your glass.

This is an amazing refreshing drink and is the best option for summers.It helps in complete body detox as everything that goes in it is fresh and organic.This drink is commonly found in the UAE and Arab countries but in the restaurants its very sweet as they use sugar which is definitely not healthy.

Hope you like this recipe

Don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments below


Ayla ❤

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Count Calories? Count Your Seconds Too

The key to leading a more active lifestyle is to fit exercise into all aspects of life. Small changes and small movements can make big differences. Like consciously holding in your stomach throughout the day will tighten and strengthen stomach muscles and flatten your ‘at rest’ stomach. So, instead of trying to read email or texts while driving, sit up straight and suck in that stomach!

The Freshman Minus Fifteen


As our wonderful chef proves above, you can multitask exercising. Believe it or not, everything you do burns calories, and if you move a little more throughout the day, you’ll burn more calories that day! In fact, doing little exercises, even if you don’t think they’re very difficult, will help you get closer to a fit and healthy body. They’re even quite entertaining when you’re bored during class or an office meeting. Or brushing your teeth.

One move I always do when I brush my teeth is leg raises. Think about it, when you brush your teeth, you’re just standing over the sink brushing and brushing and brushing for the suggested two minutes. Why not use your valuable time wisely and do some leg raises to burn a few more calories? It’s also a great way to time how long you really are brushing your teeth, because honestly, do you…

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This is an interesting article. For the most part I can understand these findings, but I do feel that ‘relaxing’ is important. I also find reading extremely important. Yet the article does mention ‘any movement while in sedentary activity is beneficial’, so us fidgeters have figured this all out.

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Stretching is probably even more important than the exercise itself.

Brother's In Blood


Why Stretch?

Stretching before and after training increase flexibility, which reducing soreness and the risk of injury, Increasing your flexibility gives you more stability making you more stable, solid and powerful. As well as increasing your balance, you are increasing your ability to kick higher with more power. Stretching also improves agility and co-ordination. In

Stretches are very important to perform before and after training sessions.

  • To prevent injury.
  • To increase functional ability, flexibility and joint mobility.
  • To reduced post exercise soreness.
  • To improve exercise performance.

When Stretching Taking Slow. Deep and controlled breaths will help you relax your muscles which will give you a better stretch.
Only stretch to the point of discomfort, not pain. When you feel pain your muscles will tighten up, reducing your flexibility. When you start to fell discomfort, not pain hold for a minim of 15 seconds or longer,

Stretching The Facts

  • Flexibility varies from…

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Back on Track – Thanks for the support

Wow!  I feel so much better and happier.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement.  It really helps!

I’m back on track – stuck to my low carb – no starch eating plan all day yesterday.  I admit I was a little hungry after a 2 day detour – and my digestion was off too (which is the result of filling my gut with starch that I haven’t eaten in over a month, well till last weekend).  I guess I was in withdrawal and didn’t feel very well.  Good thing I was really busy yesterday – keeping my mind off the queasy feeling.  You would think that this ‘withdrawal’ would be sufficient motivation to stay on track, but willpower sometimes gives in to temptations.  The key – ‘suck in up, admit the lapse and recommit to my new eating plan’.

Bottom line – as of this morning I did not gain any weight on vacation…even though it was followed by a 2 day detour.  So, while I have not lost any weight for more than a week I did not gain back any of those pounds that I worked so hard to loose.  Woohoo!  Small victories are huge!

So, thanks again for all those kind words of encouragement.  With your help, I will not fail!


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A Breakfast EGG Sandwich

I really love this recipe. But right now, I am in Phase I of Atkins so am removing all breads from my diet (to maximize my weight loss). With a small change that I don’t believe will affect the flavors of this masterpiece….substitute a bed of crispy kale for the bread. Yumm!

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